Tales from a Potted Shed – Issue #36

Hey everyone! Welcome back to the Potted Shed. I’m excited to bring you this very special edition of the blog today!! I’m writing to tell you about something new. No it isn’t new Seeds, it isn’t new Pots, Composters or Watering Cans. so what it is? This is a brand new product, something brand new, something to enhance the Potted game and give more new things in the future.

Introducing – Potted ~ Recycle Bin v1.0
The Recycle Bin is a FREE product with copy only permissions and available from the Mainstore.

Ok Shaun this sounds intriguing, but what is the Recycle Bin and what’s it used for?

The Recycle Bin will be used as somewhere you can dispose of Pots/Plants you no longer wish to have, in exchange for these Pots/Plants you will be given Plant Truck points, these points will vary depending on the level of the Pot you are disposing.
* Please note – Once you dispose of a Pot in the Recycle Bin there is no way to recover that Pot.

Wait, what, Shaun back up a second, Plant Truck points? what on earth are they?

Plant Truck points will give you the opportunity to spend them on Limited Edition items on the ‘Travelling’ Plant Truck.

The ‘Travelling’ Plant Truck will appear and disappear at scheduled days and times. Each time bringing a different selection of Limited Edition items, once the ‘Travelling’ Plant Truck disappears the items on it will no longer be available.

*As normal, all Limited Edition items will be marked as such, but please be aware that similar mesh with different colorways/editions may appear again.

Just to reiterate – All Pots/Plants turned into the recycle bin are not recoverable. They have already been driven away on the plant truck to a new garden.

Well ok Shaun but when will the Plant Truck appear in the Store?

Not sure who this is asking questions but they sure have a lot of them!!
The answer to that – You never know, although it will be announced in the usual ways, via this Blog, Inworld Group and on Discord. It could be near, it could be soon just keep an eye out for any announcements.

I have included an image that includes the new Recycle Bin so you know what you are looking for. This item has a resize script in it and can be 3 different sizes so it can fit into your garden decor if you so wish, or you can pick it up and keep it in your inventory until you wish to use it. You will be able to check how many Plant Truck point you have via the Recycle Bin.

I’m excited for this new product and thankful to the whole team behind the scenes for finding new & fun ways to develop the Potted game.





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