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The goal in Potted is to care for your plants and level them up, and you can harvest new seeds along the way! Learn how to take care of your plants.

Join Us In Second Life

Potted is a game within Second Life, so you need Second Life installed to play.

Choose a Style

Select any pot and seed of the same species.

Species Available: Spider Plant, Ivy, Philodendron, Karnivore

March LE Watering Can

Grow Your Plant

  1. Plant the Seed
  2. Water Using the Menu At Least Once Per Week (Or Use a Watering Can)


When the menu says Harvest, there is a seed available!

Use a Harvest Bowl (found in the mainstore) to collect the seed, or CONVERT to points to level your pot faster.

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Mother’s Day Brunch by Sadie Blackwood

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We have many ways to connect with other Potted players!

Gentle Giants

The Potted team LOVES the work that Gentle Giants does, taking care of vulnerable elephants who have had hard lives.

Photo of an elephant with plants
Photo Taken by Sniper

Potted is not officially affiliated with Gentle Giants, but we frequently do events supporting their work.

Learn More about Gentle Giants

Photo taken by Spice Voir