Tales from a Potted Shed – Issue #35

Hi everyone!! Welcome back to the Potted Shed. What a busy week it has been. I hope that everyone has had a chance to take a look around the Garden Tour and grab their gift from the Main Store. If you haven’t done it yet you still have a little bit of time. The Tour finishes today at 6pm. Grab the Hud from the Main Store. Visit at least 10 gardens (Click the button at each place) to qualify for the gift. A little later I will share a few pictures that I took while going around the Tour.


All LE Pots currently in the store retire TODAY! All Harvestable LE Seeds retire TODAY!
To find out what there is visit the main store or take a look at last weeks blog to see if your collection is complete. Tales from a Potted Shed – Issue #33 – Potted (pottedinsl.com)
Remember the Pots are limited to one per Avie per 24 ours.


This week we saw 2 sets of general release Philodendron Pots.

These Pots make your Philo’s JUMBO! They are huge and really make the detail on the leaves pop out to life. I’ve seen some awesome combinations and excited to see more over the coming days and weeks.


At time of writing I have seen 2 new sets of seeds dropping from the general seed pool. Spiders and Philodendrons.
The Philo’s perfectly match the new Striped Paso Pots. The Spiders are dubbed the Guardian set, as they all have a word followed by Guardian. So one I have seen is the Fire Guardian.
Good luck while harvesting on getting these new seeds.

Garden Tour!

As I said above I hope you have all had time to go out and visit the gardens so kindly opened up to everyone by some of our Patreon members. There was a total of 39 Gardens to explore. There was everything from a single greenhouse with a handful of plants to full sims decorated and Potted Plants all over the place. Karnivore beach trips, to Ivy Princesses just waiting for their Prince charming’s to come along. A regular garden scene with boarder planting to Karni’s being boiled alive! (Poor Niblet) while other Karni’s enjoyed a woodland campfire, Yes that was Sniper! Bad Sniper! The creativity is outstanding, and really goes to prove that there really is something for everyone in Potted. I saw many combinations of pots/plants that I have never even thought of, taking inspiration from others in the community, I will for sure be using some of those combinations in my ever growing garden.
Once again thanks to the Patreon members that allowed us a sneak peek into their Potted gardens.

That about wraps it up for this week, and for May.. Where is this year going, really cant believe it is June tomorrow, and if I hear Sniper say how many Fridays it is until Christmas, I will join Cherry and fire him! And then Shake Da Cherry for good measure.
Below I will leave you with a selection of Photos I took on the Garden Tour, and yes I even managed to catch myself sitting down, taking it easy while looking around the garden. A special thanks to the owners of the Gardens for their permission for the photos to be used in the blog.





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