Tales from a Potted Shed – Issue #41

Hi everyone, welcome to this midweek edition of the Potted Shed. I want to talk to you today about the Patreon and Patreon Packs.
Above is a picture of the display Sniper has made showcasing this months (July) pack. You can find this display at the Main Store In the Karnivore area.
Each month the pack is themed and this month is no exception, someone pass me some Rum as we head out to sea in search of Pirates!

Patreon Packs are released on the 1st of the month. So its not too late to get this months pack as it wont retire until the 31st. When signing up please note that you will receive the pack for the month you have paid in. Example. Sign up on 28th July, you will receive Julys pack and then get billed again on 1st August for Augusts Pack. If you want Augusts pack and NOT Julys then sign up on the 1st August.

The Potted Patreon has 7 Levels, each level bringing different rewards. Each level giving you Exclusive items. For full details of what each level includes
Patreon – Potted (pottedinsl.com)
Each month the LE Pots, Seeds & Watering Cans in the packs change, so they truly are limited to that month.
You will also see that certain levels unlock different vendors in the Main Store.

Level 3+ Gives you access to the Growth Booster Vendor.
Planted a seed and want to see it in all its glory, now? Then these are the boosters for you.
Level 5+ Gives you access to the Harvest Booster Vendor.
Using this booster will give a fully grown plant a boost to be ready to harvest no matter the time remaining before applying it.

Star Boosters are available in the Patreon Packs – From level 3 they get introduced.
Level 3+ Level 1 Star Boosters
Level 4+ Level 2 Star Boosters
Level 5+ Level 3 Star Boosters
These Boosters are ideal if you want to star level your pots quicker than if only watering.

Level 6 & 7 Gives you access to the Karnivore Vendors. This applies both to Pots and Seeds that may be available at the store during Events.

At other times just being a Patreon member gives other perks and benefits, from Patreon games in discord, the VIP group in world and of course Patreon Exclusive Events.
Lets not forget if you are a Level 5 Patreon Member you also get all of the items from Level 1 – 4 in your pack. So a Patreon Member at level 7 basically gets everything!

Lets take a closer look at what is included in this months Patreon Pack.
*Disclaimer* All pots look how the will with 5 stars, fully grown and some ready to harvest

Krysta and Lera really showed off their designing talents with this months Pots and Seeds. I sound surprised, I’m not, they do it every month!

As I said before you can check out this link to see exactly what is included at each level Patreon – Potted (pottedinsl.com) and if you want to see each item in world then check out Snipers display in the Mainstore.

That wraps up this midweek special with only one thing left to say.
I wish all those who celebrate American Independence a happy and safe time whatever you are doing, and everyone else. Happy July 4th.