Plant Truck and Recycle Bin Changes

Thank you all for participating in this first round of the Plant Truck, where you can turn in old pots for Plant Truck Points!

We have made a few tweaks to the program to help keep in the spirit of the Plant Truck, which is one of supporting secondary markets and rewarding players for playing over time.

Pots now need to have at least 1 star level to be turned in to the Recycle Bin for Plant Truck Points.

The first star takes about 2 weeks if a plant is watered every hour, but can take longer for people hand watering. If you convert, that also reduces the time to get that star level.

The 99L pots in the mainstore have been restored to their original pricing.

This decision was made in order to support our players as the intention of the game was not to recycle new pots from the mainstore, but to have a way to get credit for pots that you no longer need.

Thank you for supporting Potted and we hope your growing is productive!