Tales from a Potted Shed – Issue #40

Hey everyone! I hope you have all had a good week, and have recovered after the Pride events last weekend. All of the parties were awesome and was great to spend the weekend with the Community.
In case you have missed it the 2 Philodendrons above were released for Amanda and Cort’s Birthdays.
LE The Coder was for Amanda. This is a Harvestable seed and will retire on 6/30
LE Potting Dreams was for Cort. Again this is a Harvestable seed and will retire on 7/9
This seeds are just ADORABLE! Good luck on getting yours.

It’s that time of the month when it really is your last chance to be grabbing this months LE Pots from the store. They all (Except Rubik) retire on 6/30. Rubik will retire on 7/7 along with all of the goodies over at the MadPea Event.

I can also confirm that all of this months Harvestable LEs will retire on 6/30 (Except LE Potting Dreams – That retires 7/9)

So grab your pots if you haven’t already and if you have plants ready to harvest and don’t have the LE seeds, get harvesting before its too late.

We have brand new general release Patreon Level 6+ karni pots in the store. These are huge! and need to be seen in person. Not a Patreon Level 6+? They can be found out in the secondary markets where anyone can buy them.
Community Markets & Auctions – Potted (pottedinsl.com)

And then July is upon us, half the year gone in a flash. I wonder what that will bring us in the wonderful world of Potted! Not long to find out.

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and week ahead! Oh and a Shout out to the Candians around here. Happy Independence day for Monday! eh!