Tales from a Potted Shed – Issue #39

Hi Everyone, I hope I find you all well. It’s been yet another busy week down the Potted Shed with lots of goodies finding their way into the Main Store this week, The MadPea event and the Pride event about to happen.


The plant truck will depart at 6am SLT FRIDAY 21st JUNE (Tomorrow)
Have you grabbed all of the LE GlowBots and LE Doodlebugs you want? Once the truck drives off, its into retirement for these Pots and Seeds. This is your last chance to grab them!!


This coming weekend we will be partying in the Streets, ‘Potted Style’ to celebrate Pride. Everyone is welcome to attend, however we anticipate a lot of interest in these events so please be patient.
Landmarks will be sent when the sim is open via notices in the Potted Group.
Before attending these events please lower your script usage to a minimum, removing any huds and attachments that are not needed at a PG event. (you don’t need me to tell you what they are – However if you are unsure about something please ask – but if you need to ask you probably don’t need it)
Consider setting your viewer to friends only, it will help to reduce lag on your viewer, not only that, consider reducing your graphic settings, lower the draw distance. The less work your viewer has to do rendering things 300m away the less lag you will feel.
Most of all have fun and enjoy the Party.

With only 10 days left until all of the LE Pots in the store retire, here is a recap of what is available.
LE Pride Pots – These Pots are limited to 1 per Avie per 24 Hours – The Karnivore Pot is Patreon Level 6+ Exclusive

Summer and Fathers Day Pots – Ivy, Philodendron and Spider – Limited to 1 per Avie per 24 hours

Karnivore – These are Patreon Level 6+ Exclusives, Level required is shown on the vendor – There is no cooldown on these Pots

Also at the Main Store you will fine Karnivore Seed and Pot LE Rubik – This Karni is for the MadPea event and will retire 7/7 – Patreon Level 6+ and there is no cooldown. (More details about the MadPea Event below)

General Release Pots
We have seen 2 new sets of General Release Pots this week. Brand new Spider and Karni Pots. The Karni Pots are Patreon Level 7 Exclusives.

MadPea Event
More details of this event can be found on last weeks Blog Tales from a Potted Shed – Issue #38 – Potted (pottedinsl.com)
Just a reminder the Event closes 7/7 – At the Potted Booth you will find 2 FREE Group Gifts, a Matching Philo Seed & Pot. An Ivy Pot and 5 Ivy Seeds, along with an LE Starter Pack. The Starter Pack is restricted to one per Avie per 24 hours.

Not only this but you can participate in the MadPea Tweeny’s Roll of Destiny Game/Quest and win prizes from 19 different creators. Potted have a prize in this vault. A matching Philo Pot and Seed. This Game/Quest takes a a total of 3 different days to complete. (2 clues on day 1, 2 clues on day 2 and 1 Clue on day 3.)

I think that’s about it for this week so now I will drag my Pride outfit from last year from my inventory and give it a dust off. If you were at last years Pride event then you may very well remember my outfit, and no, its not a Gnome!!

Whatever you do this weekend and the week ahead take care and look after yourself.