Celebrating Pride with Potted

Happy Pride Month Everyone! What a fantastic month it has been for Potted! We’ve had the usual wonderful support of the community, assistance from the helpful CSRs and of course, breathtaking products released regularly, designed by our very own Goddesses!

Earlier this week, Potted added the excitement of Pride in the Streets public event! But it doesn’t stop there! A few of the Potted Elite Patrons shared spectacular displays of their Karnivores celebrating Pride Month! We couldn’t help but share some of these with you! Have a sneak peek below at just a few of the most fantastic setups we’ve ever seen!

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Featured Photo above submitted by Toxic Desire

Above Photo submitted by Sadie Blackheart

Above Photo submitted by Sniper Villota Savage Newall

Above Photo submitted by Daddy Leeder

Above Photo submitted by Renee Claymore

We look forward to many more fabulous events and adventures with the Potted community! Thanks for a great time this month & See you all again soon!

– Cherry